I read ALOT - staying up to date on the latest thinking and tactics in all levels of widely applicable management, business, as well as marketing & communications topics. If you want an idea of what I'm seeing that stands out - here's my most recent finds. -John

The Power of Art & Illustration in Modern Day Websites

There's a new priority in design that is empathetic to reinforce mood and encourage engagement. Utilizing the art of illustration is a great path toward that goal.


Dribble, December 16, 2020

Why are many social media marketers still working from the 2015 playbook?

Update your strategy with contemporary thinking.


ACH Communications, June 18 2020

How to Defeat Busy Culture

Is it possible to maintain high productivity while keeping a team culture positive and engaging?


HBR, September 29, 2020

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Explained - Why People Think They're Amazing when they're Not... or At Least Not As Amazing as they Think They are

Aside from this being a great example of a captivating explainer video, which I love to collect for inspiration on future projects, this video shows very clearly how bias can affect reasoning and decision making - especially in those who choose listen to themselves more than the advice of experts.


TED-eD, November 9, 2017

Romeo & Juliet In Rwanda: How A Soap Opera Sought To Change A Nation

Is it possible to change a person's deepest beliefs?


Hidden Brain NPR, July 13, 2020

Giving Critical Feedback Is Even Harder Remotely

Two-way feedback is critical to supporting inclusivity and engagement


HBR, January 26, 2021


A fascinating talk in relation to the times we live in.


Behavioural expert Bri Williams presents at Nudgestock Global 2020

are our management theories outdated?

Employees and managers need a stronger human purpose.


Harvard Business Review, June 18 2020

How to Do Performance Reviews — Remotely

Approach them with flexibility, leniency, empathy, and compassion.


Harvard Business Review, June 15 2020

how to create a useful brand style guide

Recent examples that underscore the importance for brand consistency.


Dribble, June 16 2020

Providing financial services to employees is a win-win

Providing valuable services to your employees beyond benefits and retirement.


Harvard Business Review, June 1 2020

An intro to Designing accessible data visualizations

Accessibility should always be a focus when design productions, and the same goes when working with data visualizations and graphs.


Flossheim.i0, January 12 2020

Samsung Eco-Friendly TV Packaging Turns Into Your Pet’s New Playground

Going beyond expectations is a key component to your marketing strategy.


Design Milk, April 30 2020

andrew cuomo's powerpoints are endearingly primitive, so this designer redid them

Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi takes a crack at redesigning the PowerPoint presentations that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo features in his daily press briefings.


Fast Company, April 30 2020

Executives and Boards, Avoid These Missteps in a Crisis

Three decision-making traps to meet objectives in a fast moving situation.


Harvard Business Review, April 24 2020

Five Tried-and-true COPYWRITING Formulas

Stuck on an approach to get your message out? This is a great resource to support your writing strategy.


Wordstream Blog, April 16 2020

Building a Brand

Designing a brand is a complicated, evolutionary process that connects and captivates audiences. This is an accurate description of the process that produced amazing results for Envoy.


Medium, April 23 2020

Our Offices Will Never Be The Same

Eventually we will have to go back to our offices after COVID-19. But how will work… work?


Fast Company, April 13 2020

Data is the Future of Brand Identity

Branding resonates on an emotional level. Understanding the data helps tell the story.


readwrite, February 4 2019

Why Is Gratitude So Difficult, Yet Outrage So Easy?

“Part of the reason we are so quick to be outraged, yet slow to offer gratitude at work and in life, more broadly, is because of the widespread finding that human beings possess a negativity bias”


Fast Company, November 23, 2017


This is the best explanation I've seen of brand vs. product. Brand is the emotional component - how you feel about the brand and not just the selling features. Ignore brand, and your product becomes another commodity.


Ad Age, September 5 2014